By Tyson Thorne

November 8, 2018

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"Media" used to mean "print media" like books and newspapers, but the world has grown. Today media can also mean radio, television and movies delivered to personal computers, tablets and cell phones. As the world's best selling book of all time the Bible continues to make headlines, both good and bad, across all forms of media. Sarah Silverman blasphemes Jesus in latest skit, Michael Buble thanks God for his son's remission of cancer, a woman calls the cops against her parents who asked her to church, and two US states pass pro-life Constitutional amendments to outlaw abortion.

So-called "comedian" Sarah Silverman, known for her anti-Christian jokes, took her latest sketch to a new level with an Election Day skit portraying Jesus as a foul-mouthed and promiscuous being. She meets Jesus standing in line to vote. He wont tell her who he is voting for, but does state, "I just want a law that says you can't force your kid to die publicly by bleeding to death on a cross." The conversation devolves from there into a conversation about his sex organ and sexual proclivities. Had Silverman said such things about Mohammad she likely would be dead today, but Jesus is open game, apparently. As Christians we know our enemy is not flesh and blood, but sometimes it feels like it is. Pray for Sarah, she obviously needs to meet the real Jesus.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, singer Michael Buble recently appeared on the Late Late show for an episode of Carpool Karaoke with host James Cordon. When Cordon asked how he and his family made it through the ordeal of his son's cancer diagnosis, Buble replied, “We got the diagnosis and that was it man, my life ended... Basically they just said that it wasn’t great. And so, we took it day by day... We all moved and we lived at [Children’s Hospital Los Angeles] and we just had the best doctors and, God, thank you, Jesus Christ, God." After thanking God he explained that his son, Noah, was diagnosed in 2016 with liver cancer. Noah was only three year's old at the time. Earlier this year, however, he is in full remission. Throughout the ordeal Buble took to his Facebook account, asking his fans for prayer and that healing would be God's will.

South Carolina Police responded to a 911 call from Ashley Shanell, a 30-year-old woman, who complained she was being harassed. Upon arrival they hear Shanell's testimony. According to the Union County Sheriffs office the incident started in the home, when her father (with whom she lives) asked if she "wanted to go to church and have communion." The officers informed her being asked to attend church was not harrassment, at which time she became upset and began cursing at the officers. They promptly arrested her for "breach of peace" and was released the next day. She was not using alcohol or drugs. Clearly her problem is one of a spiritual nature.

In other news, both Alabama and West Virginia passed state constitutional amendments stating "nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of abortion." While the amendments do nothing to change how abortion is funded and performed today, should Roe v Wade be altered or overturned it would effectively make it easier to outlaw abortions. The law passed despite proponents of the bill being outspent by their opposition, Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood spent $1.4 million dollars on their campaign while the Alliance for Pro-Life Alabama had only $8,000. God always has preferred beating the odds.