By Tyson Thorne

July 4, 2019

John 18 Large

While I would never desire to alienate our readers around the globe, today is a distinctly American holiday. July 4th is the day we celebrate our independence. Independence from oppressive taxes, from unjust political rulers, from being a vasal of the British Empire. I thought a lot about writing of the spirituality and miracles surrounding General George Washington, one of the men responsible for our independence and America's first President, but I think I'll save that for Laobr day. Today is a holiday in my homeland, and as such a time to be spent with friends and family.

So today I am raising from the archives one of's first articles. If you are a long time reader it may sound familiar, but it's worth reading again. If you are not an American, you will still benefit from the lesson brought to us by the Master Teacher. May all the world look forward to the day every man, woman and child celebrates their eternal Independence Day. Click the link below for today's message — still from the book of John, brought to you by Jesus -- about True Liberty.

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