By Tyson Thorne

July 7, 2017

Deep in the heart of a large American city, a man lays unconscious in a gutter, his life pumping out of his wounds and down the sewer grate.  No one knows how he came to be in such a state, most don't even notice him or, if they do, avert their eyes quickly and pretend not to notice. His dark curly hair is matted with blood from a head wound. No one can tell how much longer the man will live, but less than a day for sure.

Finally, one Republican passerby notices the man and checks him over. "If I move him," the man thinks to himself, "and I increase his injuries in doing so, his family will sue me for all I'm worth." He decides its best to let the man be, though he did check the wounded man's driver's license to verify he was in the country legally. It is his civic duty, after all. He walked away.

An hour later, a Democrat woman looks down at her feet and discovers the injured man laying there in the gutter. Thinking quickly, she dials the media and holds a press conference. Kneeling in the gutter for the cameras she wails before the press, "If only we had nationalized heath care this man could receive the medical attention he desperately needs." There were many nods and tears from the onlookers but eventually, they all walked away.

The next morning a beat cop found the mans body still laying in the gutter, cold with death. He called it in and began knocking on doors, asking people who lived in the area and shopkeepers if they knew anything about what had happened to the man. Every one had the same story; no one had seen a thing.

This parable, based on the Good Samaritan as told by Jesus in Luke 10.25-37, has no good character and strives to make a different point. Today, we are all trained to think politically, rather than Biblically. For example, if I say the word "abortion" what jwords immediately ump into your mind? Roe v. Wade? Fetus? Tissue? How about: "Let the little children come to me and do not try to stop them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” And [Jesus] placed his hands on them and went on his way" (Matthew 19.14-15).

Let's try one more. When I say "Global Climate Change" you say...? Global warming? man-made climate change? Or how about: "For look, I am ready to create new heavens and a new earth! The former ones will not be remembered; no one will think about them anymore" (Isaiah 65.17).

It's time to turn our thinking around. Keep reading this to keep transforming your mind.

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