By Tyson Thorne

August 23, 2018

Nog Shalom Large

YHWH Shalom means “the Lord of peace” and is pronounced Sha-loam. Gideon, one of the judges of Israel, was visited by someone he considered a messenger of God but who was really the Angel of the Lord (the preincarnate Jesus). Gideon set about making an appropriate meal for them and when he was finished the Angel of the Lord commanded him to pour out the broth on a stone altar, and to place the bread on it. When he had done so the Angel touched the altar with his staff and the meal was consumed by fire.

The Angel of God then disappeared and Gideon then understood who he had been entertaining, and panicked.He knew that anyone who had seen the face of God would surely die. God the father then spoke to Gideon saying< "Peace be to you! uses this compound name for God in Judges 6.24, and is likely a play on God’s opening words to him, “Peace to you. Do not be afraid! You are not going to die!” What else God said, if anything, is not recorded. What we do know is that Gideon gave the altar a name Yahweh Shalom, the Lord of Peace (Judges 6.24).

How often have you spent a sleepless night worrying about work, finances, or family matters beyond our control? How often have you longed for the peace of God? His peace is promised to us all. Isaiah records the words of the Lord of Peace saying, "You keep in perfect peace the people who maintain their faith, for they trust in you." When we maintain our faith and trust in the God of Peace, he imparts his peace to us.

What is this promised peace? The Hebrew word shalom doesn't mean the absence of difficulties or strife, but rather wholeness of mind, fulfillment of hope and harmony with others. These are the fruits of seeing life's problems through the "God lens." What is the God lens? It is seeing our lives and circumstances through God's eyes. It recognizing that we can do allthings through Christ. Speaking of Jesus, the mission of the Christ was to make peace between God and man:

For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in the Son and through him to reconcile all things to himself by making peace through the blood of his cross – through him, whether things on earth or things in heaven. — Colossians 1.19-20

How could the mission of the Messiah be such a well kept secret in the millenia before his first coming? What else would YHWH Shalom be up to besides making peace with his creation? We live for, serve and rest easy in the arms of the Lord of Peace.

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