By Tyson Thorne

January 23, 2019

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"Media" used to mean "print media" like books and newspapers, but the world has grown. Today media can also mean radio, television and movies delivered to personal computers, tablets and cell phones. As the world's best selling book of all time the Bible continues to make headlines, both good and bad, across all forms of media. Lady Gaga attempts to shame Mike Pence and his wife for supporting a school with Biblical values while claiming to be a Christian herself, and a California pastor is ousted from his church after a sermon teaching the Bible's point of view on LGBTQ issues.

According to, last Saturday singer Lady Gaga "criticized" (read "judged") Vice President Mike Pence for he and his wife's support of a Christian school that teaches and requires sexual fidelity of the staff and students. In a video statement to Pence, Gaga stated, "To Mike Pence, who thinks it’s acceptable that his wife work at a school that bans LGBTQ, you are wrong. You say we should not discriminate against Christianity; you are the worst representation of what it means to be a Christian. I am a Christian woman and what I do know about Christianity is that we bear no prejudice and everybody is welcome. So you can take all that disgrace Mr. Pence and you can look yourself in the mirror and you’ll find it right there.”

Before this statement I had not heard anything about Lady Gaga's faith and was surprised that, being a Californian and an entertainer that she would claim Christianity as her belief. Many Christians are denying that she is a Christian, some even calling her a child of Satan, and this is wrong. We cannot know her heart. Every Christian has sin in their life; perfection is not required to come to God. In fact, if one is perfect they wouldn't need God's salvation. I can say that Lady Gaga is very wrong about some of her beliefs and would welcome a conversation with her about the Bible's perspective. That is, God will save anyone no matter where they are in life but we should not expect God to leave us there. He wants us to grow in our faith and relationship with him and that means agreeing with him about what sin is.

Dr. Richard Land, President of Southern Baptist Seminary, told that:

"The whole homosexuality/transgender issue is like truth serum for the church. Either you're going to take a biblical stance or you're going to take the culture's stance."

Land made this statement regarding a church pastor in northern California who was ousted by his congregation for taking a strong stance against the LGBTQ message. In his sermon on January 6 of this year, pastor Jeff Hoke challenged his congregation saying, "We've not been left here, beloved, to hide our light under a basket, to hide our light under a bed. Love warns. It is hatred, it is selfishness which conceals truth." If he had stopped there he might have kept his job, but he assured the sign outside the church was a proper introduction to his sermon: "Bruce Jenner is still a man. Homosexuality is still sin. The culture may change. The Bible does not." The sermon turned out to be his last, his leadership team informing Hoke that only one family was willing to remain if Hoke stayed on as pastor. Hoke decided to quite.

Unfortunately, as Dr. Land points out, the pastor "discovered that his church had been seduced by the neo-pagan culture of California." The same culture that has seduced Lady Gaga and so many others. According to some from the LGBTQ community tore down the sign later in the week, attempting to silence Biblical truth. It is frustrating to me personally that those opposed to the Bible get to say — and do — whatever they want without consequence, but any opposition to the cultural message is vandalized, shouted down and shamed. Stand strong for God's Word my friends, it will have its reward.

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