By Tyson Thorne

January 30, 2019

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"Media" used to mean "print media" like books and newspapers, but the world has grown. Today media can also mean radio, television and movies delivered to personal computers, tablets and cell phones. As the world's best selling book of all time the Bible continues to make headlines, both good and bad, across all forms of media. Democrat senator Lionell Spurnill says Christians should "trust in God" for protection, the History Channel produces a new series about Jesus, and an Israeli doctor compares Mario Cuomo and New York's new abortion law to the Pharaoh of the Exodus.

In what appears to be news from an alternative universe, the state of Virginia has overturned an old colonial law that forbade people from carrying weapons into a church. Citing recent temple and church shootings, Senator Richard Black (R) argued that church-goers should be able to defend themselves if a shooter should enter the building. Senator Lionell Spurnill, Sr. (D) argued that church-goers should depend on God to protect them, not guns when he said, “Psalm 46 said, ‘God is our refuge and strength.’ Now we are saying, with this bill, we no longer trust in God.” Spurnill's argument reminds me of those small cults in Utah that deny modern medicine based on faith in God's will. The Bible does not condemn defending oneself any more than it does medical practices.

It seems secular television is still in love with the of boosting their ratings with stories about the life of Jesus. Like CNN before them (a series we reviewed here), History Channel will release an eight-part mini-series called Jesus: HIs Life this March. The series will cover events of Jesus' life starting with his virgin birth and ending with the crucifixion. Rather than the normal documentary treatment, viewers will see Jesus through the eyes of major characters in his life, including Mary and Joseph, Caiaphas, John the Baptist, Judas, Mary Magdalene, Peter and Pontius Pilot. We will review the series for you as it airs. The series starts on March 25th and will finish just before Easter.

An Israeli doctor spoke out this week regarding the New York abortion law that just passed the state's house and was signed into law by Governor Cuomo. Dr. Eli Schussheim, director of ERFAT-C.R.I.B. (an organization assisting pregnant women who want to give birth but cannot afford to keep their child), says New York is following Israel's example. He stated to

"The law in New York is the same as the law we have in Israel. The Jews received the Torah from God and were commanded to teach it to the nations. Israeli law supports this. Many of the leaders in this horrible push to legalize the murder of babies are Jewish. If this is what we do, how can we expect the nations to do any better? Israel is supposed to be a light unto the nations but we are bringing back the same law that Pharaoh used against us in Egypt when he ordered the male children be thrown into the Nile. At least Pharaoh spared the female babies."

If we could have said it better than Dr. Schussheim we would have. Ancient evils have a habit of revisiting modern cultures. It is a spiritual — rather than a political — war that we should be fighting. The good doctor agrees, stating, "The answer isn't in politics or laws, which is a game that in Israel and America the left is far too good at. The answer is in the spirit and in the heart."

We couldn't agree more.

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