By Tyson Thorne

September 10, 2019

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Before we get started back into our study of John, there are a couple matters that need to be disclosed. First, my apologies for our last post. It is not my best work, and what I post here should always reflect my best. If you would indulge me, I've re-written it and reposted the article in it's original location. I can only say that the original article was a reflection of the constraints and pressures I was under, which lead to the last two weeks of silence, If you are a regular reader and not a member of our Facebook discussion group, there was no warning for this hiatus. I encourage you to join our Facebook community to receive other notices related to this site.

The next item relates to the future of this site. As we approach our one-thousandth article I find that there are opportunities open to me that will make regular postings difficult. Make no mistake, will continue, but will be cut back in the frequency of its publications. I've chosen to finish my masters degree in Biblical and Theological studies which, as one can imagine, will take a great deal of time out of my schedule. When posts are made, they will likely be closely related to the work I produce for my class load. But that time will not only be spent in study, but also to push Think-Biblically to new frontiers.

With a thousand articles already written and published, we have a great resource for producing a regular podcast. The plan is to convert some of the blogs on this site into a regular podcast that will be made available on all possible devices - iPhones, Android devices and even Amazon echo and Google Assistant devices. This will allow us to reach a broader audience. As always, everything will be made available for free. By God's grace salvation has been made available to man at no cost, so any teaching of God's grace should come at the same price.

In the immediate future there will be no changes to the site. We will continue to post three articles a week until we complete our study of the Gospel of John. After that time, expect the frequency of posts to drop significantly and watch for announcements regarding the new podcast. Once I have finished my degree, we will evaluate again the frequency of posts. It is likely we will return to a regular, three articles a week, format. These are exciting times and we look forward to continuing to enlighten others with the truth of God's Word.

One final thought — a thank you, really. None of this would be possible without you. Sure, I do the research and the writing and pay for the website but there would be no point without you, the reader. Thank you for your loyalty over the years and for telling others about us and even forwarding on articles to those you think need to hear it most. I look forward to connecting with you even more in the years to come. I truly believe there is no greater reader base than the one enjoys serving. Again, thank you.

Having said all that, look forward to tomorrow when we return to our study of John.

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