By Tyson Thorne

February 18, 2021

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Tomorrow is assured no one, yet when yesterday is already ours what more can mortal man ask?

Unlike many I’ve heard from in the past couple of days, I give a sign of respect at the passing of Rush Limbaugh. I remember one of the pastors of my church asking me if I had heard this new radio personality named Rush. It was the fall of 1988, if I’m not mistaken. He commented on the politics of the day and I remember wondering why anyone would need to listen to a daily radio show for three hours when there was National Review magazine. But I tuned in and was pleasantly surprised by the man behind the microphone. He was less concerned with the nitty gritty of politics and spoke of events in broad terms and what they ultimately meant for a country founded on Biblical principles. I was hooked.

I would listen, as often as possible, for the next 33 years. One would think that boredom would eventually set in, but it never did. Rush was entertaining, to be sure, but it was his perspective and understanding that kept every broadcast an exercise in excellence. Though he rarely spoke of his faith, when he did it was plain to see that he loved God and followed Jesus. I’m the opposite; I speak frequently of my faith and rarely (at least on this website) of politics.

With his voice now gone I intend to make a slight change here at Whereas for the past eight years or so I can count on one hand the number of articles pertaining to politics, I intend to speak out a little more frequently about the shameful behavior of our national leadership. We will echo the sentiment of the founding fathers that it is good to remember the fallenness of all people and rely upon the freedoms extended to all people by the hand of God.

“In question of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” —Thomas Jefferson

Do not worry, however, we are not going to go “all in” on reporting about politics. I only wish to broaden the scope a bit when it can be used as a lesson that underscores a Biblical teaching.

Before I close, I want to relate my one fondest memory of Rush. While I never met the man, I attended one event he deigned to speak at: Dan’s Bake Sale in Fort Collins, CO. It began with a single call to The Rush Limbaugh Show, a man named Dan called in and asked Rush for a free subscription to the Limbaugh Letter. He explained that he just couldn’t afford the annual rate. Rush was flabbergasted. A popular mantra among liberals at the time was “wouldn’t it be great if the government had to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber.” So Rush suggested to Dan that he have a bake sale of his own. While he couldn’t raise enough money to buy a bomber, he could assuredly raise enough to pay for a subscription.

So Dan organized a bake sale, and asked Rush to come. Amazingly, Rush agreed, and thousands from across the fruited plain attended. I saw license plates from as far away as Florida. I’ve always lived near Denver, so travel wasn’t a sacrifice I had to make. My sacrifice was skipping my college graduation ceremony to go hear Rush speak at this singular event. It was a decision I’ve never regretted. Where else but in America could such a thing happen? Our nation, as Rush also believed, is truly blessed by God. If we want it to stay that way, we need to remember Him in all we do. In other words, we need to Think Biblically.

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