By Tyson Thorne

December 27, 2017

The presents are all unwrapped, the Christmas goose is now leftovers in the fridge, and every website in the world now presents their “year in review” or “most popular” lists. I confess, the temptation to join the drill is too intense for me not to succumb. As we prepare for 2018 a look back at the top three articles of the last year is in order. While articles written in our first couple years have many times more page views than these, they have also been online longer and found by people using search engines. These articles succeeded because of you, O Gentle Reader, and your likes and shares.

The third most popular article over the last 12 months was a huge surprise to me. Who knew that “Tattoos and the Christian” would generate two and a half times as many views as the average article? This piece discusses the cultural relevance of the Bible’s admonitions against tattoos and whether or not such arguments are still binding for believers today. New research helps us understand the culture of the peoples surrounding Israel and shed light on obscure Bible passages. If you missed this one, click the link above and add to the count of those who have enjoyed it.

The second most popular article went by the exceptionally common title of “The Way of the World”. In it we discuss the relevant use of money in society, going all the way back to the time of Jesus’ birth. The money line in this article is: “With money, all the other vices come easier.” With special action points for the Christmas celebration, you shouldn’t miss this one.

And the number one article of 2017? That honor goes to “Origins”, an article that shows how the most cutting edge evolutionary scientists in two separate fields of study are challenging the customary view of the planets origins and replacing it with one that sounds a lot like Genesis chapter one. Instead of the planet being born out of fire, they say it was probably mostly water and much like the world we know today. They challenge other commonly held evolution beliefs as well. We always knew good science would eventually lead back to the Bible; now a few of them do too.

We enjoy bringing you, our readers, stories that help us learn how to live, how the world works, and how to prove the Bible’s relevance and truth to those who need that message most. Our mission statement is “teaching others to think Biblically and connect with God” and we’re thrilled that you have found value in how we accomplish that. As this last week of 2017 slips by we’re already planning for 2018 and look forward to you continuing the journey with us. Maybe you know someone who would enjoy too. Consider sharing the link with them; pastors, family members, friends, co-workers, teachers or even fellow students. May the Lord bless you and keep you throughout the coming new year.

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