By Tyson Thorne

September 19, 2018

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"Media" used to mean "print media" like books and newspapers, but the world has grown. Today media can also mean radio, television and movies delivered to personal computers, tablets and cell phones. As the world's best selling book of all time the Bible continues to make headlines, both good and bad, across all forms of media. This week in the Bible and Media: While the Emmy Awards show continues to belittle Christians, an entire host of prestigious people continue to openly discuss their faith in public forums, including Chris Pratt, Mark Wahlberg, Odell Beckham, Jr. and more.

The enemies of the cross seemingly never learn the lesson of history: persecution only makes Christians stronger. Two days ago the 70th Annual Emmy Awards show aired and the Hollywood crowd could not miss the opportunity to denigrate Christianity in general and Jesus in particular. As the curtain arose co-hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost began their opening monologue filled with the expected barbs, jabs and jokes at others' expense. Then Che states that his mother won't be watching the show: "she doesn’t like watching white award shows because you guys don’t thank Jesus enough. That’s true. The only white people that thank Jesus are Republicans and ex-crackheads.”

May I make a sarcastic, if obvious, observation in a supposed humorous fashion? "Breaking News: No such jokes would ever be made against Muslims." The reason Hollywood doesn't make Muslim jokes, I think, is because Muslim's like to kill people who say such things. Christians, on the other hand, take it in stride and keep doing what they do. And what is that they do? Talk about their faith, of course. We've discussed in the past how Chris Pratt has talked about his faith in Jesus at two earlier award shows, and he's not the only one.

  • Via Instagram, Mark Wahlberg shared that he starts his day with 30 minutes of prayer. Wahlberg, a Catholic and 2017's highest paid actor, said he literally gets down on hands and knees to "give thanks to God."
  • Michael Ketter, a rising star due to his competing on America's Got Talent, talked about his Christian faith in a recent interview stating, “I just understood in that moment, you know, exactly what the Father has done for us, that He covers us, and He covers us with his name and it drives out all the darkness.” The full interview can be seen on a video released by I Am Second.
  • Last Sunday night New York Giant Odell Beckham, Jr. fell to his knees in prayer before millions of fans at the Met Life Stadium. On Instagram Beckham shared that he had dedicated his life to Jesus and was recently baptized while vacationing in Israel. While on that trip he shared from Instagram, “couldn’t of asked for anything more!!!! God I can’t thank u enough for this one. My journey is just beginning…”
  • Malachi O’Brien, President of OneCry, responded to the Emmy jab saying, “All people were made to have a relationship w/God. Every day we live is a reason to thank Jesus for his love & death on the cross.”
  • And finally, Carrie Underwood on CBS America talked about how the stress of three miscarriages tested her faith in God but that, in the end, "He heard me" she said regarding her prayers. Her husband, Mike Fisher, former defenseman for the Nashville Predators, wrote an autobiographical work about his relationship with Jesus is a book titled Defender of Faith two years ago. If you are a hockey fan or enjoy autobiographies I recommend the book highly.

The now old and predictable slights have taken their toll, resulting in this year being the lowest watched Emmy Awards in the history of the show, 10.5 percent fewer than last years. Hollywood and the press along with many who respect such institutions may make their jokes and criticisms but those who follow Jesus can rise above because we know something they don't: God.

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