By Tyson Thorne

May 21, 2019

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Every once in a while there comes along an organization or a coalition that deems to do something amazing. Few have the resources to pull it off. If we've learned anything from those who do evil, it is that the Internet can be a pwerful tool to bring like-minded people together to do what they could not do alone. A Christian organization — several, actually — are working to do something wonderful for the kingdom and are inviting others to be a part. It is called the EveryChurch, and it was started as a joint operation by Cru and Intervarsity.

As you can imagine from its founders, the program is intended to spark revival on college campuses across America. is calling all it's capable readers to join their effort. Just what is EveryCampus? In the words of one of the founders, R. York Moore:

"EveryCampus is our feeble attempt to conspire with the Holy Spirit to instigate revival by catalyzing new gospel movements and prayer all across America. I say ‘feeble’ because nobody can finance revival; we can’t strategize it or schedule it; we can’t even bring revival through our prayers and ministry efforts. Revival is a unique work of the Lord."

I agree this is a bit high level. How do they expect to work this out practically? I went to their website for more information and was impressed. Their first step is organizing prayer walks around some 4-, almost 5,000 campuses across America. Christians willing to take the time to pray not just for a campus, but at that campus. I believe this can work, because I've seen it work before.

When in high school, I met with a group of other high school students to pray every Monday afternoon. Most of us were from the same school, but not all. One day I brought a list, a print out of the names of every student in my high school. I obtained it through bribery, a pastry given to a student assistant working in the main office. We divided the list up and began praying for the school and specifically for every student in the school. The next few months were a roller-coaster ride of spiritual activity. God worked in the hearts of students. Several were brought to Christ. One even ran up to a friend of mine and I between periods and, looking desperate, blurted out, "You have to help me get right with God!" Prayer works. Prayer for specific schools work. I believe that EveryCampus is on the right track.

If you are a pastor, youth leader, member of a church or other Christian organization I encourage you to look at the EveryCampus website and pick a nearby campus to pray for. Put together a team and do the preliminary work and a prayer walk and the post-walk work that is mentioned on the site. Their website has all three stages outlined, but I've taken that information and put it into downloadable versions you can print and fill out and take notes on. The download links are below:!AnclqNH1-d4xnusARJH4OHRUbEed6Q

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