By Tyson Thorne

June 26, 2014

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In light of what we learned yesterday, we need to find ways to tell the lost about Jesus. My friend Bill Jack (of Worldview Academy) challenges his students to “pick a pulpit”. That is, to find what interests them and use it as a pulpit, or platform, for communicating Biblical truth. Some of the ideas he presents are:

Is your interest in economics? Lead tours at the museum of science and industry, training students to be fruitful in everything. Lead tours of a United States Mint and explain what makes money valuable and what a Biblical view of work does for people and what the government’s involvement in the economy should be.

Is your interest creation vs. evolution? Lead tours of the evolution exhibits at your local museum and use them to teach creation. Teach critical thinking skills so people leave knowing how to discern between good science and artwork promoted as science.

Is your interest art? Lead tours of the art museum using Francis Schaeffer’s material on world views to show how art leads the culture. Examine how artists’ world views have brought about the current secular world view in our culture. Discuss why the reformation founders abandoned the arts in general and what has resulted.

Is your interest government? Lead tours of the state capitol and discuss how laws are passed in your state. Examine the underlying assumptions that the founders of your state incorporated into government. Were they Biblically based or secularly based? What are they now?

Is your interest geology? Discuss Noah’s flood as the cause of the layers of rock and fossils you examine on your field trip to a local dig.

Is your interest math? Point out God’s amazing handiwork in geometric patterns, so obvious in the leaves and petals of flowers, on a botanical garden tour. Or discuss how much water a camel can drink in 10 minutes. Then remind them of Abraham’s servant’s prayer as he searched for the right wife for Isaac. Have the students calculate how much weight Rebecca dead lifted out of the well when she watered the servant and his 10 camels.

Is your interest zoology? Ask your group how many bones in a giraffe’s neck, or how much an elephant’s trunk weighs. Point out the unique design in God’s marvelously diverse animal kingdom. Discuss that the way to save animals is through private ownership and by killing and using the animal for man’s benefit. Only then will we raise more for man to use.

Is your interest botany? Explore the uses of plants and their benefit to mankind during your tour of the botanical gardens. How should Christians respond to the charge that because of Genesis 1:2 we are destroying nature; that, we should therefore abandon the Bible and blend with nature? Help your group develop a Biblical view of stewardship and Biblical responses to such attacks on the faith.

This fits right in with the apostle’s meeting daily at the Temple to express the truth about Jesus being the Messiah. While not a tour per se, they used a cultural building that was the center of Jewish law and religion to reveal Jesus as the Righteous One. To impact the culture today means stepping outside the safety of the church building and to take Jesus to the culture. Along with Bill’s ideas are such things as evaluating the worldview of movies and best-selling books. Our culture is infatuated with stories found in theaters, books and even the news. Whatever your interest, there is room for Jesus to be at its center and for you to communicate the salvation message through it.

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