By Tyson Thorne

October 18, 2018

NoG Elohe Chaseddi Large

When tradition clashes with reality it's easy for tempers to flare and opinions to fly. Thankfully, today's name of God is obscure enough that the true meaning of Elohe Chasedi isn't likely to provoke anyone to anger. This particular name is used only once, is found in Psalm 59 and has traditionally been translated as "the God of my mercy." Better scholarship, however, provides the translation "the God who loyally loves me." The verse from which this name is derived reads: "Elohe Chaseddi will help me; God will enable me to triumph over my enemies" (verse 10).

Contextually, David is expressing his certainty in God's character and that God is on his side. This helps his to cope with his enemies which, on this occasion, is Saul and his military. David describes his enemies as violent stalkers, evildoers, and "dogs". As awful as these people might be, David contrasts them with the greatness of God who is described as an invincible warrior, a refuge and source of strength. His God, David proclaims, laughs derisively at evil men while remaining loyal in his love for Israel and her true king. By remembering God's character, David finds encouragement and strength.

A little stress into every life must come. Okay, that may not be exactly how that quote goes, but it is true nonetheless. It may be a professor we don't see eye to eye with, or a boss that doesn't appreciate our efforts, or a family member who is making bad decisions, or possibly even a mistake we ourselves have made that threatens a relationship or our job. No matter the source of that stress, we can rest easy in the knowledge that God is loyal to us, loves us greatly and allows us to triumph in this life so long as we follow and obey.

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