By Tyson Thorne

New Year's Day, 2019

Intro Amos Large

At this point in Israel’s history she could be compared to America in the 1980’s. Powerful, capable rulers lead both the Northern and Southern kingdoms into times of prosperity and great wealth. Judah’s influence of power spread as far as Egypt, and Israel had extended her borders just far enough north to control the major trade routes. Expensive homes were built to accommodate the new wealth. Morality, however, declined rapidly. The people’s private lives were bereft of spirituality despite a strong religious sense. Both kingdoms honored God through sacrifice, but their hearts and daily practices were far removed from Him.

Despite the reality of their indulgent lifestyle, they believed God was with them and that their nation was immune to worldly disaster.

Author & Date of Composition

It wasn’t just King David who was prepared for the Lord’s service by tending sheep. Amos, also a shepherd, lead a spiritual reformation, denouncing selfishness and sin. Amos tended sheep and cared for a sycamore fruit vineyard (7.14) in the small town of Tekoa, Judah, located 10 miles south of Jerusalem. Though a citizen of Judah, Amos’ prophecy was directed toward Israel in the North. This ministry was during 757-758 BC, a couple years before a major earthquake befell Israel.

Big Idea

Only Israel’s national repentance can turn “the Day of the Lord” into a time of blessing.

The Book

The book is organized around four central visions.

Visitation of Judgment, 1-2. The message opens with a few choice words of judgment on six of Israel’s surrounding nations. God condemned them for their many transgressions against His people. Most likely Israel rejoiced at these words of the prophet, believing that God was aware of their oppression. Their joy quickly turned to anger, however, when God’s message to them was not one of deliverance from oppression, but judgement! Judah was found guilty of living in the darkness of sin when they had the light of truth; Israel for many infractions of God’s holy law.

Charges of Judgment, 3-6. Though God had been disciplining them for years, the people had not responded favorably, choosing instead to blindly believe they still held God’s favor. Because of their refusal to face the truth, they were told to prepare to meet their God! Description of the terrible judgments to come followed.

Warning of Judgment, 7-9.10. 

The Restoration of Israel, 9.11-.15. Amos ends his revelation by looking far into the future to a time of wonder and amazing grace, a time when God Almighty will restore the nation, and the long awaited Messiah will establish His kingdom on earth.

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