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Coronavirus Small

Schools are closing, offices are encouraging people to work from home, churches are shutting their doors and governments are encouraging restaurants to move to a take-out\delivery only model of service. It all begs the question, how does one think-biblically about the Wuhun Virus (aka coronavirus, or COVID-19)? I've heard from a great many of my readers\listeners about their thoughts regarding how we, as the people of God, are to react to a world that is largely hiding through self-quarantine from an unseen, possibly life-threatening virus. As such, I thought it might be time to offer my own understanding of the matter.


It's a new year and the appropriate time for new challenges. You probably noticed a long lull in my writing. Some of that was intentional — I was working on a new project that required my undivided attention. Some of that time off was unplanned and resulted from being sick over several weeks. While not completely back to full health, today we launch our first ever podcast! Based on articles that appeared here first, you may download and discover how to Think Biblically at work, while running or driving or anywhere else it may not be convenient to read.


John 42 Small

Dinner is over, Judas and Satan had left to go and betray Jesus, and only those who were destined to remain are now present. Jesus has just dropped the news that one of them would betray him, and that Peter would deny knowing Jesus before sunrise. It is natural for the disciples to start feeling defeated even before their individual failings. Sensing the difficulty his followers were experiencing taking in the truth about their nature, Jesus offers them comfort in the form of still more future prophecy. "Do not be distressed," the Savior says. Words we all need to hear sometimes.


FuturePlans Small

Before we get started back into our study of John, there are a couple matters that need to be disclosed. First, my apologies for our last post. It is not my best work, and what I post here should always reflect my best. If you would indulge me, I've re-written it and reposted the article in it's original location. I can only say that the original article was a reflection of the constraints and pressures I was under, which lead to the last two weeks of silence, If you are a regular reader and not a member of our Facebook discussion group, there was no warning for this hiatus. I encourage you to join our Facebook community to receive other notices related to this site.


BunnyTrail01 Small

Thinking about the book of John this week took me on a bit of a rabbit trail. I'd like to walk you through it as I think it will make an interesting research project after we're done working through this gospel. The trail head is John chapter two and Jesus' first miracle. Jesus turned the water in two stone vessels to wine. What happens with those vessels next? We don't know, but my mind made a connection to handkerchiefs and aprons that, after touching the apostle Paul's body, could heal sickness and exorcise demons (Acts 19.11-12).


John 4 Small

Yesterday we examined the first 18 verses of John, his prologue to the story of the Messiah. Starting in verse 19 of chapter one we enter the first of four stories about the Messiah. This first cycle is The Peaceful First Coming of the Messiah (1.19-4.54). At the start we are dropped into a day in the life of John the Baptist who is being challenged by the Pharisees in a way that bears resemblance to how Jesus will be questioned by this same band of religious leaders. Unlike Jesus, John answers them without riddles or questions of his own.


John Prologue Small

The most famous opening lines of any piece of literature of any age are those of Genesis, "In the beginning..." It's fame is attributed not to its ancient origins or to its religious importance, but to its addressing an issue that all people wonder about. How did all this begin? Greek philosophy started because they wanted to know what was the first substance, the thing from which everything came from. To this day the question remains. Those who reject God believe in a primordial soup from which everything came from, with no idea of what its ingredients are. Origins is the ultimate investigation.


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