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Before I get on a roll, I believe it is important from the start to recognize that a great many pastors have suffered over the last year. I may be critical of some below, so I recognize here and now that many good pastors are left hurting in the wake of government overreach when responding to a virus with a 98% survivability rate. When one is put in the position of being unable to practice one’s calling or risk the government fining – or imprisoning you (as they did regularly in Canada) for doing so – stress and uncertainty take up position over each shoulder. For you, we pray for relief.


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After decades of political bodies all around the world telling us that skin color doesn’t matter – “we’re the same on the inside” they told us – suddenly they’re messaging has changed and today skin color is the only thing that matters. The group Black Lives Matter is offended when you remind them that all lives matter, and the US congress kneeled in their support of BLM. Many metropolises are offering relief funds to citizens – but only to non-white citizens and the federal government has talked about reparations to black families whose ancestors were slaves in America over 180 years ago.


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The Chosen is a highly polished dramatization of the Gospel story told in a modern television style complete with episodes and seasons. The most direct comparison would be the network television miniseries A.D. The Bible Continues, produced by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett. In comparison, The Chosen is a better series; the quality of the acting is superior, and the scene direction and production mechanics appear to be of a higher quality. If The Chosen had ended up with even half as many viewers it would be a success, but at over 50 million views as of August 2020, it has already vastly exceeded the network television show’s numbers (13.1 million).


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Tomorrow is assured no one, yet when yesterday is already ours what more can mortal man ask?


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The death of George Floyd at the hands of police on June 2, 2020 is unanimously perceived as an unjust homicide. I'd love to cite a poll with specifics, but it seems to be so obvious that even pollsters aren't asking that particular question. So with the usual caveat for those devoted to evil, everyone agrees. Almost as soon as the video of Floyd's death hit the internet, the protests began. The largest, and by far the most significant, group to activate is the new political coalition called Black Lives Matter. While I agree with the sentiment of the statement, I disagree with the groups activities — and so does God.


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Schools are closing, offices are encouraging people to work from home, churches are shutting their doors and governments are encouraging restaurants to move to a take-out\delivery only model of service. It all begs the question, how does one think-biblically about the Wuhun Virus (aka coronavirus, or COVID-19)? I've heard from a great many of my readers\listeners about their thoughts regarding how we, as the people of God, are to react to a world that is largely hiding through self-quarantine from an unseen, possibly life-threatening virus. As such, I thought it might be time to offer my own understanding of the matter.


It's a new year and the appropriate time for new challenges. You probably noticed a long lull in my writing. Some of that was intentional — I was working on a new project that required my undivided attention. Some of that time off was unplanned and resulted from being sick over several weeks. While not completely back to full health, today we launch our first ever podcast! Based on articles that appeared here first, you may download and discover how to Think Biblically at work, while running or driving or anywhere else it may not be convenient to read.


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